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Helping you transform from a top performer
to an exemplary leader

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Creating a space of reflection and growth to leverage your

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and make a significant impact for you and your team.

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 “Showing up as a leader means being even more comfortable in your own skin as the self-awareness journey allows you to stand loud in your authenticity, be empathetic, and be exemplary all at the same time… and there will be pressure, but you were built for this!"


If you are here, you’re probably a top performer with high performance review marks wondering when you will get that that next big promotion. You may even have a team that is... well... stuck and not seeing results.

First, we want you to recognize that even beginning to reflect on your (or your team's) potential is a great first step.

Does this sound like you or your team members?

I am overwhelmed and I don't want to burn out.

I have had success, but still feel empty.

I just moved into a new role, and I want to be sure that I succeed right out the starting gate.

I am triggered by a challenging colleague, client, or boss.

I am having a hard time managing my emotions.

I just can't seem to get clarity around my decisions and/or goals.

My career seems to be at a standstill and I need help moving forward.

Ready for what is next, but not too sure what that is?

Want to learn how to delegate more?

Want to speak confidently at meetings or events.

...the list can go on and on!

We are glad you’re here. Let's see how we can help you find your peace and power!

New North Carolina Project Team

Don’t worry, we got you!

This means you will have to Show Up and Show Off your strengths and talent! That is correct! Just like a peacock, it is time to flaunt your feathers. You have potential and confidence to be everything you desire to be… sound like your parents, right? But it is true!


Have people said to you, “You shine when you walk in a room.” Or “You command respect and attention as a leader, but why are you not in a leadership position or further along?"


I understand.

My secret to it all - Learning about emotional intelligence (EQ), leveraging it and finding my peace and power. Would you like to truly understand how your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and behavior impact others...and your results?


This has made you begin thinking and reflecting – do I even want to be a leader? Ok, what's next?


Yes, it is time to be a leader (and it is not just about having a title) because we are in a time where we need authentic, dynamic, empathetic, exemplary leaders. And that is you! No matter if you are in the corporate world, running your own business or in any other industry – it is time!


Like any top performer or good leader, we have strategically put together an experience for you (and even your team) that will have you walk away saying "why didn’t I do this sooner?" Right now, your thoughts may be overwhelming, jumbled, or it sounds like you are rambling. Its ok.


Let us guide you to find clarity so you can unleash your confidence and potential. It’s time to level up!


From Corporate Leader to Corporate World Dropout!

Meet the CEO & Founder, Nicole F. Smith

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Leveling Up with Nicole Smith

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