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Creating a space of reflection and

growth to maximize the

brilliance of YOUR

Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

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I believe that emotional intelligence is the key to cultivating meaningful relationships, fostering empathy, and embracing resilience in the face of life's challenges. I am committed to equipping clients with the tools and insights needed to navigate and unravel the intricacies of emotions, communicate effectively, and make conscious choices that align with their core values personally and professionally.

Nicole Smith Expertise

Taking bold steps to maximize your emotional intelligence to make a significant influence while feeling the strong impact of your desired outcome - That's EQ Impact!

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Do you understand the impact

of your behavior personally and professionally?

We deepen our understanding of emotional intelligence by exploring important statistics. These unveil surprising links between EQ (Emotional Quotient) and various aspects of personal and professional growth and success. EQ is not what you think!

70% of the time, people with average IQs outperformed those with the highest IQs, and this was due to emotionalintelligence as noted by Harvard Business Review.

The World Economic Forum listed emotional intelligence as one of the top 10 skills needed by 2020.

Nicole Speaking at Lincoln County Leadership Conference

96% of employees believe showing empathy is an important
way to boost employee retention based on a Businessolver

90% of high performers at the workplace possess high
emotional intelligence, according to TalentSmart.


High emotional intelligence can reduce job burnout by 36% as
per University of Haifa research.

Managers with high emotional intelligence ratings bring in 20% more annual revenue according to Multi Health Systems.


People who understand emotions earned $28,000 more annual income on average according to a PayScale report.

In 6,000 people, every point increase in emotional intelligence added $1300 to an annual salary according to TalentSmart.

Nicole Speaking at Institute for Credentialing Excellence Conference

What We Offer

"Understanding emotions represents
the first means of communication."

Lifelong Growth with Instant Change

Transform your team with our engaging signature workshops led by a certified emotional intelligence expert and DiSC certified behavioral consultant. Discover the power of emotional intelligence or DiSC assessments, enhancing communication, team collaboration, and leadership. Our interactive sessions go beyond traditional training, offering hands-on experiences tailored to your team's unique needs. Participants gain valuable insights into their emotional intelligence and behavioral styles, fostering self-awareness and personal growth. Elevate your team's potential with practical strategies for improved communication, strengthened teamwork, and enhanced leadership skills. Click here for more!

Unlock and unleash your potential and partner with JMS where transformative coaching will guide you on a lifelong journey with instant impact. JMS uses a signature coaching program that  empowers individuals to maximize their emotional intelligence. Embark on a journey of self-discovery, embracing self-leadership to inspire confidence and passion within yourself, your colleagues/team, and family and friends. Elevate your emotional intelligence, unravel behavioral patterns, and experience profound change in just a few sessions. Invest in yourself fostering growth, and achieving lasting success.Click here to see the full coaching framework!

Elevate your event in captivating keynote speaking engagements. What is missing from your events? Immerse your audience in an experience that is not only engaging, educational, and inspirational but also life-altering. Our CEO, Nicole F. Smith brilliantly provides dynamic presentations, backed by years of expertise, deliver fresh perspectives, practical tools, and a personalized (at times humorous) touch. Leave a lasting impact with tailored keynotes that empower individuals to navigate emotions  and the ever changing work dynamics effectively. Choose a transformative event that goes beyond the ordinary, creating an atmosphere of positive change and inspiration. Click here to book Nicole!


Maximize Your EQ

Let's Get Started!

​Tired of feeling like your emotions are running the show? We've all been there. But what if you could take control? You just do not know where to begin. We are here to help!

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the secret weapon for navigating life's ups and downs. It's about understanding your own emotions, reading the room, and building meaningful connections.

Here's the good news: EQ isn't a fixed trait. You can develop it, just like any other skill. We're here to help you on your journey!


  • Building stronger, more fulfilling relationships

  • Leading with confidence and inspiring others

  • Managing stress and bouncing back from setbacks ‍

  • Communicating with clarity and getting your point across

  • Become the leader your team deserves

That's the power of EQ.

Don't wait. Join us and unlock your full potential!

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