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The destination for individuals who desire to gain a keen sense of self-awareness, gain clarity around goals, and gain a newfound confidence!



 “Showing up as a leader means being even more comfortable in your own skin as the self-awareness journey allows you to be authentic, empathetic, and exemplary all at the same time… and you may even cuss a little!...its ok!” 

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           Nicole Smith
... the 100% authentic coach


Confident Businesswoman

“Hello there!”


If you are here, you’re probably a top performer in your workplace or wondering when you will get that that next big promotion. You may even have a team that is ...well...stuck.




But, what are some of the other thoughts you may have?

First, we want you to recognize that even beginning to reflect on your (or your team's)  potential is a great first step.

Snaps to you.

  • I am overwhelmed and I don't want to burn out.

  • I just moved into a new role, and I want to be sure that I succeed right out the starting gate.

  • My relationship with my boss/colleagues is poor.

  • I am having a hard time managing my emotions.

  • I just can't seem to get clarity around my decisions and/or goals.

  • My career seems to be at a standstill and I need help moving forward.

  • ...the list can go on and on!

Business Conference

We are glad you’re here and invite you to Level Up.

Don’t worry, we got you!

This means you will have to Show Up and Show Off! That is correct! Just like a peacock, it is time to flaunt your feathers. You have potential and confidence to be everything you desire to be… sound like your parents, right? But it is true!


Have people said to you, “You shine when you walk in a room.” Or “You command respect and attention as a leader, but why are you not in a leadership position?”


This has made you begin thinking and reflecting – do I even want to be a leader?


Yes, it is time to be a leader (and it is not just about having a title) because we are in a time where we need authentic, dynamic, empathetic, exemplary leaders. And that is you! No matter if you are in the corporate world, running your own business or in any other industry – it is time!

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Like any top performer or good leader, we have strategically put together an experience for you (and even your team) that will have you walk away saying "why didn’t I do this sooner?" That’s just it! We will be that person for you that we didn’t have as we walk through the scary, intimidating business jungle! 

Right now, your thoughts may be overwhelming, jumbled, or it sounds like you are rambling. Just talk! Let us guide you to find clarity so you can unleash your confidence and potential. It’s time to level up! (And can cuss! Have you seen the research about people who cuss!?)


Meet Nicole Smith

From Corporate Leader to Corporate Dropout!

Meet the CEO and Founder


boss Up

Learn more about our Founder’s journey, why she decided to become a corporate dropout, became a nerd about emotional intelligence (EQ) and other behavioral factors, became a diversity and inclusion expert, and how she truly helps people see the impact they have on others – negative and positive!

show Up

 Understand our signature coaching program and how JMS offers to fit you or your organization’s needs. Read the difference in our offerings from those dusty, executive leadership programs that only focus on performance and not behaviors holding you back! We even focus on your Diversity & Inclusion initiatives - helping employees SHOW UP in the workplace.

Level up

JMS helps leaders and aspiring leaders transform from a top performer to an exemplary leader! Are you ready? Our services and programs help individuals, teams, and groups. Our focus is interwoven in emotional intelligence (EQ). (Pssst…you heard us say that our services and programs are customized for teams as well? Good!)

show off

We have an easy scheduling tool to schedule some time if you want to learn more. You can speak directly with our founder because she is passionate about unleashing your potential!
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Leveling Up with Nicole Smith

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