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Our Mission

To unlock and unleash YOUR potential and help YOU create a greater impact personally and professionally.

About JMS

JMS Creative Leadership Solutions is a boutique leadership development and coaching practice that tailors solutions specifically for you and/or your organization. JMS values family hence the reason behind our name. JMS is the initials of the founder's children which creates purposes and energy for the entire practice. JMS came from the founder's idea of wanting to be the person she didn't have when "growing up" in the corporate world. "Mentorship" wasn't a thing decades ago. JMS has been providing solutions for over 16 years, but decided to change the name to reflect the solutions provided! JMS understands that intellect alone will not make a leader; leaders execute a vision by motivating, guiding, inspiring, listening, persuading, and most crucially, through leveraging emotional intelligence. JMS wants to help take you or your team’s leadership skills to the next level fostering inclusion and creating an environment where people want to create, innovate, and thrive...and truly enjoy it!

JMS Creative Leadership Solutions offers solid solutions for personal and professional development.

  • Engage in a transformative 1:1 coaching program to focus on unlocking your potential and making a greater impact in the area where you need to level up.

  • Participate in group coaching workshops for departments, teams, and organizations, where we we offer coaching (training) workshops, keynote speaking engagements, diversity and inclusion consulting/training, and coaching solutions that include leadership development, executive coaching, and emotional intelligence coaching.

  • Complete DiSC assessments and Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i 2.0 & EQ-i 360) assessments, that follow the ethics and integrity of the American Psychological Association (APA), can be administered for individuals or groups.

JMS genuinely listen to the current state and the desired stated of each individual person or group. We help you identify what is standing in the gap! We focus on themes of leadership derailers that tend to hold individuals or teams back from making an impact.


These themes circle around our framework of emotional intelligence which transforms:


  • Self-Leadership

  • Building & Maintaining Relationships

  • Leading others.


There will be discussion around mindset, values, goals, limiting beliefs, communication styles, leadership styles, empathy, emotional intelligence, and the list continues based on the needs or triggers discussed. These can help top performers become exemplary leaders!

Let's get started on a transformative experience.

What are you waiting for? Let's get started! Let’s level up. 

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