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EQ IMPACT: Are you Upside Down & Inside Out...with your emotions?

If you haven't seen this movie yet, you are missing out on a HUGE opportunity! You have asked me how to apply emotional intelligence ...I hope this post helps as a movie is here as well to show you just how!

It is poised to be a fantastic exploration of emotional intelligence. Here's how it might help you dive deeper in maximizing your emotional intelligence. Let's go!

Pixar Movie Inside Out 2 Image
Pixar Movie Inside Out 2 Image

Nuance and Complexity: The first movie introduced us to Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust as distinct entities. Inside Out 2, with new emotions like Anxiety, Embarrassment, and Boredom, emphasizes how our emotional landscape becomes richer and more intricate as we mature.

And that is just it: We mature in age but not necessarily in mindset or behavior. We haven't been taught how to properly deal with these 'uncomfortable"'emotions.

So, do not think this "kid" movie is just for kids. A few adults sitting right next to you might need to sit front and center at the movie theater.

This resonates with the reality that our emotions aren't always black and white. We can experience blends – a tinge of anxiety with excitement, a mix of sadness and relief. The movie can explore these nuances, helping viewers identify and understand the complex tapestry of their own emotions.

Reframing Negative Emotions: The original film hinted at the importance of Sadness, but Inside Out 2 takes it a step further. By introducing Anxiety, it can shed light on how even seemingly 'negative' emotions serve a purpose. Anxiety can motivate us to prepare, while Embarrassment, in its role of encouraging social awareness, can enlighten viewers about the value of these 'negative' emotions as signals, not things to be suppressed.

Emotional Collaboration: Picture the original headquarters (your brain) with all the emotions working together in perfect harmony!

Inside Out 2 might showcase the importance of collaboration between emotions. Stick with me here.

You can have both joy and sadness. Perhaps joy and sadness can work in tandem to create a deeper understanding of a situation, bringing a sense of balance. For example, processing through the time of grief.

Maybe your fear can guide your anger in a more assertive direction, leading to a harmonious outcome.

This teamwork can illustrate how emotions function best when they complement and support each other, a valuable lesson for navigating complex emotional situations in real life....or when you feel you are on an emotional roller coaster!

The Power of Self-Compassion: The first movie focused heavily on expressing emotions. Inside Out 2 might dive deeper into the concept of self-compassion. This can be a powerful message, especially for young viewers, teaching them the importance of being gentle with themselves when dealing with difficult emotions.

Emotional Intelligence in Action: Beyond just showcasing these themes, Inside Out 2 took it a step further. It demonstrated healthy coping mechanisms for different emotions. For example - using deep breathing to calm anxiety (when Riley was in the hockey timeout box for poor behavior.) Hmmm…that is an idea. A timeout box in the workplace. LOL!

When Riley feels sad or overwhelmed, her brain (headquarters) steps in, attempting to alleviate her distress by conjuring up only joyful or amusing memories. This is a familiar phenomenon-our brains are adept at providing distraction when we need it most!

The empowering coping mechanisms depicted in the movie not only give viewers a strong sense of control but also instill a profound confidence in their ability to manage their emotions, a crucial aspect of emotional intelligence. Can't just ignore them friends!

Inside Out 2 Image of all the emotions
Movie Inside Out 2 Image of all the emotions

Ultimately, Inside Out 2 has the power to serve as a beacon of hope, motivating viewers to actively participate in and improve their emotional intelligence.

Normalizing the complexity of emotions, highlighting their interconnectedness, and subtly offering coping mechanisms can foster greater self-awareness and well-being, instilling a sense of optimism in the audience.

Throughout the movie, it was demonstrated that allowing yourself to experience and express emotions, even if they are uncomfortable is essential. By doing this, one can work through their feelings and move towards healing and growth.

Given the movie's focus on uncomfortable emotions, it's crucial to recognize the impact of anxiety on mental health. If you find yourself struggling with a weight that seems too heavy to bear alone, it's imperative to reach out for professional support and guidance.

Signed ~ Emotionally Brilliant 96.8% of the time!

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Nicole F. Smith Signature

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