Why do you need a coach?

Studies show that in Fortune 1000 companies, 48% of leaders that underwent coaching exhibited an increase in work quality. This led to higher engagement and productivity, improving their effectiveness in leadership roles. Coaching also provided these leaders the outlet needed to motivate and inspire their team.

Listen... coaching helps individuals understand themselves better, set and execute goals, identify gaps, recognize limiting beliefs, identify strengths and opportunities on how to improve interactions with other team members while creating impact personally and professionally.

In the leadership world, coaching brings structure and clarity in very complex leadership challenges where we have to deal with ourselves as well as other's behavior.

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JMS Signature Coaching Program

JMS offers a signature Transform YOU! Leadership Coaching program. Powerful coaching tools, transformational exercises, and assessments such as DISC, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), EQ Leadership Assessments, and 360s are included. DISC and EQ assessments with coaching can take place outside of any coaching program.

In the 7-step coaching program, you will walk you through seven enriching steps to find YOUR ideal state, your purpose (not someone else's).  Remember, we coach the whole person. This means you will see results personally and professionally.

This 7-step coaching program is a high-impact process to generate insight, gain clarity, focus, and make decision to improve your performance.

  1. The Steps To Walk In Your Big Why

  2. The Reframing Method To Unleash Your Potential

  3. The Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Blueprint

  4. The SMART-er Way To Achieve Success

  5. How To Move From a People Pleaser To A People Person

  6. The Leader Mindset

  7. Re-Ignite Your Confidence

To guide you, your thoughts, track your goals and see your

progress, a detailed workbook guide is provided to you and/or


See the assessments we offer too!

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Gain critical competencies, such as: 


 Gaining a keen sense of self-awareness - leveraging your emotional intelligence!


 Gaining clarity on your goals and purpose - being SMART-er

about your goals! 

 Gaining a higher level of confidence - show up & show off in

your newfound confidence!

Transform You! Leadership Coaching Program is the first leadership coaching program that is built with a Growth Mindset, Courage, and Heart as the guiding elements. This program was created to be effective and transformational.

You are already a high-performing functioning individual. You simply need support to perform better, right?

It challenges leaders to ask hard questions in order to gain clarity around the "WHYS" of their current situations. Once leaders can do this, they then gain newfound confidence, take initiative and create lasting positive impact. Transform You! is founded on the belief that we all possess an innate desire to lead - with or without the title!

Improve results that are sustainable over time!


JMS Transform YOU! Leadership Coaching Program can be delivered in a variety of formats:
Group Coaching Cohorts
One-on-One Coaching Experience
Team/Organizational Coaching

Coaching & Leadership Development


After reading this...go check out our Leadership Assessment Offerings!

Coaching integrated with learning is a proven way to make learning stick!

Shocking leadership development stats show that 71% of companies do not feel their current leaders are able to carry their organization into the future. OH NO!


In order to combat these statistics, organizations are implementing leadership development programs or training to increase leadership effectiveness. Nurture leaders of today and tomorrow by elevating personal leadership skills and cultivating a growth mindset.


Employee engagement has the potential to significantly affect employee retention, productivity, and loyalty – it is also the link to customer satisfaction, company reputation, and overall stakeholder value.

JMS helps leaders understand how to foster an inclusive environment and create a dynamic, empowering, and respectful work environment. Leadership development workshops are customized and based on the needs of the team. Topics taught support outcomes to motivate, increase productivity, increase employee engagement, and provide talent development for career growth and creates a strong talent pipeline!

Transform You! was created to help leaders move forward once they've proven themselves. What if you had coaching that pushed you to lead in a way that fulfilled you and made an impact? If you're ready to expand your influence and bring more meaning, confidence, fun, and fulfillment to your life AND the lives of your team members and co-workers, we can help. Whether you're currently leading or managing or just aspire to make waves in your workplace, let's talk about how we can be of service.

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Speaking Engagements

Speaking engagements include keynotes, podcasts, webinars, emcee events, panels, and host conferences.

JMS CEO/Founder, Nicole Smith, is uniquely qualified to speak on a variety of topics such as, but not limited to:

- Showing Up and Showing Off... and giving yourself permission to do so!

- Leveraging Your Emotional Intelligence: Lean into your greatness

- Emotional Intelligence: The smarter way to be smart

- Unconscious Bias: Bridging the gap between diversity and inclusion

- Fostering Inclusive Leadership In The Workplace

- Podcast Topics: Leveling up in the areas of leadership, your business as an entrepreneur, or just plain life!


... customize a topic?


Energize your team by customizing motivational, engaging, informative speaking engagements that are needed “just in time” to give a boost to your workforce increasing morale, engagement, leadership development, and positive behaviors.


Book today or recommend me to others! Nicole energizes you to enjoy the journey of being the best version of yourself by demonstrating how you can Show Up and Show Off!

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