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See about Nicole, the Founder, CEO, Speaker, Coach, Author, and how she stands loud in her authenticity...including a few features below!


Hello, my friend!

I am a CEO and the Founder of JMS Creative Leadership Solutions. JMS Creative Leadership Solutions is family owned! In fact, JMS are the initials of my two children, so the value of family is extremely important to me. What are your values? Your values, which derive from your experiences, education, and maturity make you the leader you are today or want to be tomorrow.


For 26 years, with my background in Talent Development, focusing on Leadership Development in the corporate world, I consulted, trained and coached many organizational leaders at every level in various industries. I have taken everything I’ve learned (good, bad, and ugly) and created solutions that help you along your journey of leadership and making an impact. I am a leadership and talent development expert, a certified leadership coach, a certified emotional intelligence coach & practitioner, an author, and speaker/facilitator, with the passion about being the person for you and/or your team that I didn’t have as I was growing up in the corporate world.

Wanna know the truth? I was in the corporate world hoping to go up the ladder fairly quickly! I was smart, ambitious...did I mention smart? But I didn't know my true strengths, my talent. Frankly, I wasn't very self-aware. I was also dealing with other factors such as microaggressions, discrimination, harassment, other's peoples behavior and attitudes, and poor leadership. I felt like it was an uphill battle with most of my time spent putting out fires instead of getting work done. Working with others felt more like a burden than an asset. I was stressed because I didn't have clarity on my goals or next steps. I was not inspired, committed, or engaged. But, in the workplace, I don't think anyone noticed. So I decided to work on my exit strategy!

I worked hard and set myself up to leave the corporate world because I realized that I had gems and nuggets to share with people. I knew I had what it took to run my own business and help others that wanted to make an impact but didn't know where to start. You do know the first step, the key to success, is the journey of gaining self-awareness, right? ok!



So here I am!

My background led me to become a #1 best-selling author of a quick, easy read book called 20 Golden Leadership Nuggets. I share lessons learned in my 26 years of servant, authentic leadership and craft them in practical tips that can be applied today helping you on your leadership journey!

My 2nd book titled Shut’em Down: Black Women, Racism, and Corporate World became a #1 best-seller in 2020. This anthology is a combination of 20 women who speak about their trauma and triumph of dealing with discrimination or racism in the corporate world. My story is included and it was an honor to be a part of this journey and share my story, which is a little different. I got beat up from my own and that rocked me to my soul!

In 2022, I released my latest project - Empowering The Mind: Mindset Workbook and Journal. This is a workbook and journal that not only allows you to write your thoughts down, but teaches you how. It provides teachings, worksheets, writing prompts, affirmations. All of this is MINDSET work and mindset work is everything and daily!

With my love of speaking, I have designed, hosted, and facilitated many educational events, conferences, workshops, and seminars for over 20,000 attendees. I engage audiences on a variety of leadership, motivation topics such as emotional intelligence, diversity, inclusion and equity, unconscious bias, employee engagement, and the list continues. I am passionate about motivating, speaking, teaching, and I strive to help people enjoy the journey of becoming the best version of themselves.


I am a certified Emotional Intelligence Coach & Practitioner and a certified Professional Life Coach. In addition, I am a certified DISC behavior consultant. My certifications allow me to administer, interpret, train, and coach on the Emotional Intelligence Assessment and the DISC Behavior Profile Assessments. I also obtained my Certificate of Mastery in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Cultivating Cultures of Inclusion & High Performance.

Along with receiving two Bachelor of Art degrees, one in Psychology and the other in Criminal Justice from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, I received a Master of Education from the University of Phoenix focusing on adult training and development. I love learning and sharing what I learn! In fact, it is one of my strengths from Strength Finders 2.0: Learner| Focus| Activator| Discipline| Communication.

I have served in the community, winning service awards and serving in positions such as the Education & Training Council Manager, Vice-Chair of the Training and Development committee, and Co-Chair of Diversity & Inclusion Committee. I currently am a board member of the University of NC at Charlotte Black Alumni Committee.

Most recently, I have graduated from the Cornell Women's Entrepreneurial Certificate program and I have been selected to be a TORY BURCH FOUNDATION FELLOW  for 2023-2024. This is a huge game changer for me, my business and the expertise I will provide to my clients!

I live in the thriving city of Charlotte, NC with my husband of 25 years raising two awesome children, both whom are already great speakers and leaders!

Cannot wait to meet you!

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