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EQ Impact: High Vibe Summit, Lessons Learned (and What's Next !)

Sharing my emotionally brilliant moments! Because our stories can help others...

A vision was given to me. For a moment, I felt confused about why others didn't "see" the vision. But then I realized this vision was given to me...and no one else. So don't expect others to always understand your journey.

Remember, only the beautiful end is visible when you are given a vision, not all the details to get to the end. You have to do the work...even the intricate pieces.

I have 29 years of corporate experience, including contributing to curating conferences at all levels - from creating education to speaking on stage. So I felt very confident - wow!

That was even challenged!

Photo cred: 180 Productions - High Vibe Summit Founder Nicole F. Smith posing with t-shirt on

The last echo of laughter and the final notes of inspiration have faded (but not gone!) from the inaugural High Vibe Summit on March 8, 2024, here in beautiful Charlotte, NC. But the energy it created continues to resonate within me. Curating this event was a whirlwind experience filled with challenges, triumphs, and profound lessons learned. Today, I want to share some of these takeaways with you, the incredible community that helped make the Summit successful.

Check out the recap video here!

Firstly, the Summit became a mirror for self-discovery and awareness. The process of selecting speakers, designing sessions, and crafting the overall atmosphere forced me to confront my fears and limitations. Would the vision translate into reality? Could I handle the logistics and pressure? It was a constant exercise in pushing my boundaries, trusting my intuition, and ultimately discovering a wellspring of resilience I didn't know I possessed.

Secondly, the Summit became a masterclass in process management. Creating an event from scratch required meticulous planning, from budgeting and scheduling to vendor selection and marketing strategies. I learned the importance of clear deadlines, effective communication, and the ability to adapt to unforeseen circumstances. Every challenge allowed me to refine my approach and develop a sharper understanding of business acumen.

However, the most valuable lessons learned at the High Vibe Summit weren't in spreadsheets or budgets - where we tend to get lost when curating events.

They were etched in the faces and stories of the attendees. Connecting with many individuals, each with dreams, anxieties, and aspirations, shattered the illusion of universal confidence. Behind the smiles and enthusiastic nods, I discovered a shared vulnerability, a yearning for connection and growth.

Photo cred: 180 Productions - Ladies hugging each other at a conference

This realization was both humbling and inspiring. It highlighted the importance of creating a space where vulnerability could be embraced, growth could be fostered, and love, not competition, was the underlying current. 

The most rewarding aspect of the entire experience was seeing attendees forge connections, engage in deep conversations, and leave the Summit with a renewed sense of purpose.

It's important to acknowledge that the Summit wasn't without its hiccups. There were logistical tweaks that could have been made, unforeseen delays, and moments when my anxieties threatened to overwhelm me. 

But these challenges lay opportunities to learn, adapt, and ultimately triumph. Each hurdle overcome made the final success all the sweeter.

Emerging from this experience, I am filled with an immense sense of gratitude. 

Photo Cred: 180 Productions - Beautiful Ladies posing for photographer

Thank you to the incredible speakers who shared their wisdom and passion, to the sponsors and vendors who believed in the vision, and most importantly, to every attendee who chose to invest their time, energy, and heart in the High Vibe Summit. Your presence, participation, and enthusiasm made this event truly magical.

Thank you to my team - volunteers, media team (180 Productions), and the venue team!

With this experience, I am brimming with excitement for what's next. The High Vibe Summit isn't just a one-time event; it's the beginning of a movement. I envision future summits that are even more expansive, psychologically safe, and continue cultivating a space where love, purpose, and growth flourish.

Photo cred: 180 Production - Collage of photos from High Vibe Summit

Everyday, I challenge and encourage everyone to be emotionally brilliant through all the chaos and crisis. When you are given a vision and it requires you to do HARD have to dig deep and see that you have the emotional maturity and courage to accomplish it. But you have to believe in yourself through it all. Read how curating my conference High Vibe Summit helped me to lean into my greatness and how grateful I am for every bit of it!

This is my note for you to go for it...and be extra, extra about all of it!

Over the coming months, I will inform you with details about next year's High Vibe Summit. Expect an even more curated program, enhanced networking opportunities, and a deeper exploration of the themes that resonated deeply this year.

In the meantime, stay connected! If you attended, share your High Vibe Summit experiences on social media using the hashtag #HighVibeSummit. (You can tag me too!)

Let's keep the energy alive and continue to inspire each other on our journeys.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being part of this incredible adventure.

P.S. Don't hesitate to share your own takeaways from the Summit! I'd love to hear how it impacted your life and what you'd like to see incorporated into future events. Please reply to this email or connect with me on social media to share your thoughts. Follow up on IG @highvibesummit.


P.S. I maximized my emotional intelligence during this entire planning period of High Vibe Summit. While you may never be 100% prepared, maximizing your EQ empowers you to overcome obstacles with clarity and become a more effective leader with your confidence reignited. It will never remove all the chaos or crisis, that will always be.

Maximizing your EQ allows you to be emotionally brilliant through it all.

Let's be Emotionally Brilliant (96.8% of the time!)🥴!

Nicole - Emotional Intelligence Expert
Nicole F. Smith, M.Ed.

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