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EQ IMPACT: Take off the cape and fill your cup

All my superwomen! Yes, that's you. Is this a term of endearment or a term of high expectations?

All allies can listen up too!

Using the term "superwomen" can reinforce traditional gender roles and stereotypes by suggesting that women must be exceptional multi-taskers, caregivers, and high achievers. At the same time, men are not held to the same standard. This can limit men's and women's ability to express themselves fully, pursue various interests and roles, and create equity and psychological security.

The expectation of being a "superwoman" can lead women to neglect their well-being and self-care to fulfill societal expectations. This may result in burnout, stress-related health issues, and a lack of fulfillment in personal lives.

How does this impact emotional intelligence? Here are my thoughts!

Labeling women as "superwomen" can significantly affect their emotional intelligence. The pressure to excel in multiple roles and responsibilities can create a constant sense of pressure, making it difficult for women to manage their emotions effectively.

This pressure can also influence how women perceive themselves, leading them to maintain a facade of strength and perfection. Consequently, they may struggle to express vulnerability or seek support when needed, hindering the development of self-awareness and authenticity—critical components of emotional intelligence.

Moreover, the emphasis on achievement and productivity may cause women to neglect their emotional well-being, prioritizing tasks over their feelings. This neglect can impair their ability to understand and regulate emotions effectively in personal and professional contexts. Striving to meet unrealistic expectations of being a "superwoman" can strain relationships and contribute to stress and burnout, further impeding the development of interpersonal skills and emotional resilience.

Please take 5 minutes to pause and take a deep breath. Its time to make an EQ IMPACT: Take off the cape and fill your cup. You're busy—yes, so am I (whew!). Welcome to the League of Superwomen, where everyone seems to be donning capes of self-proclaimed busyness. But amidst the chaos, I want to offer you a gift—a moment of reflection.

As we celebrate Women's History Month, a time dedicated to honoring the incredible contributions of women throughout history, let's also acknowledge the unique challenges many of us face in our quest to feel like women who can do it all. It's supposed to be a month of celebration and recognize the achievements of all the women before us in front of us and around us. Yet, often, it feels like we are reminded of how far we have come but how far we still have to go, especially at this time right now.

But have you celebrated you? Have you taken the time to look at your cup?

Women Unleashing Superpowers
Women Unleashing Superpowers

Imagine your cup—your emotional state, health, well-being, fulfillment, and energy levels—all reliant on how full it is. We're natural givers, pouring from our cups into others'. Some of us are adept cup-fillers, helpers, and givers, while others hold out empty cups, sometimes even demanding them to be filled. And sometimes, we give too much. Our cups run dry, leaving us drained, empty, and stressed.

But here's the revelation: we are 100% responsible for filling our cups. It's a radical notion, especially for those accustomed to dependency. But when we prioritize self-care, remarkable transformations occur. We become empowered to fill our cups, not just for ourselves but for others, too.

There's good news—caring for yourself is possible regardless of who you are. Engage in joyful activities, utilize your talents, and embrace authenticity. Remember what fills YOUR cup and indulge in it. By prioritizing self-care, you become self-sufficient and overflow with abundance to share with others.

From someone who is a former people-pleaser, I urge you to honor yourself and your needs. Self-sacrifice may feel virtuous, but it ultimately leads to suffering—for you and those you love. It's time to dismantle the belief that selfishness is inherently wrong. Instead, see it as a means of self-preservation, allowing you to show up authentically and serve others more effectively.

Reflect on moments in your life when you prioritized yourself—times when you pursued your passions, set boundaries, or took a break. Notice how these actions strengthened you and enabled you to better care for yourself and others.

So, how can you fill your cup? What feeds your soul and brings you fulfillment? What changes can you make to prevent others from depending solely on you to fill their cups?

Filling our cups requires a growth mindset, courage, and heart—essential pillars for us as individuals, teams, and communities.

Remember: You fill your cup. Keep it full, and any "extra" is what you give!

Let's be Emotionally Brilliant (96.8% of the time!)🥴!

Nicole - Emotional Intelligence Expert
Nicole F. Smith, M.Ed.



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